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How Can I Prevent Mould in My Bathroom?

Moist and warm conditions created in bathrooms make it the ideal place for mould to grow and thrive. It usually spreads through airborne spores and can cause severe allergic reactions to you and your family including sinus problems, rashes and headaches to more severe medical complications like triggering breathing issues and asthma. By re-grouting and grout replacement, fixing a leaking shower using My Shower, the trusted choice for shower leak repairs in Perth you can provide a safe environment for you and your family. Knowing how to get rid of mould in the bathroom is important, but what is even more important is preventing it from building up in the first place. Read on to find out more on how to prevent mould in any bathroom.

Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a great tool for mould prevention as they remove warm, moist air out of the bathroom. The best time to use ventilation fans is during your bath or shower and to keep it running for 30 minutes afterwards to continue to remove excess moisture from the air.

Open Windows

If you’re finding a build-up of mould on the ceiling of your bathroom you most likely have poor air circulation flowing through. A simple solution to prevent this kind of build-up is to have fresh air circulating through your bathroom via an open window to pick up any moisture and take it back outside. Ideally, and if privacy permits, have a window open in tandem with your ventilation fan throughout your shower or bath.

Remove Excess Water

One of the most effective ways to prevent mould growing in your shower is to remove excess water with a squeegee. When you’re finished in the shower, wipe away the water from the walls to make them as dry as possible.

Keep Products Out of the Shower

It may seem like an arduous task but those shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting in the corner of the shower remain damp for a long time, making them a prime target for black mould in the bathroom. Wiping them down and then placing them in the cupboard when you’re finished with them will help to prevent the build-up of mould in the shower.

Check Your Grouting

When grout is constantly wet, mould can form, both inside and on the surface and start to break it down. If areas of your shower grout have started to crack or peel, there is a good chance you’ll need to re-grout those sections to prevent the mould from re-growing.

Is It Time to Fix Your Grouting?

While you’ve made all the concerted efforts above to prevent mould from growing in your bathroom, there are times when you need a professional in shower leak repairs Perth. My Shower’s innovative technology is used for clean working outcomes and a clean environment with special attention to mould and mildew removal your shower will look like new again giving to the peace of mind it is safe for you and your family.

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