Leaking Balcony Repairs

My Shower can repair any leaking balcony without the need to remove tiles.

Choose Perth’s Leading Balcony Leaks Detection Service

We specialise in repairing leaking balconies with the most cost effective solutions in much the same way as we repair leaking showers without removing tiles. Fully qualified and with over 10 years’ experience in leaking balcony repairs, we are licensed to carry out all external and internal waterproofing to comply with Australian standards. Offering a 25-year product warranty on our Epoxy means your balcony will remain leak free for years to come.

What Are the Signs You Need Leaking Balcony Repairs?

All balconies are different, and as such, the signs of a leak may vary from home to home. If you spot any of the below abnormalities, it’s a sign your balcony is leaking and it needs some leaking balcony repairs.

  • Loose tiles and tiles that produce a ‘hollow’ and ‘drummy’ noise – this means that the tiles are not tight and they are allowing water to penetrate.
  • Cracked or missing grout.
  • Swelling of timber doors and windows and trouble when opening and closing them.
  • Peeling or splitting of paint.
  • Weakening of the balcony joints especially the railing and structural posts.

Why Repair Balcony Leaks?

A leaking balcony is not only nuisance, if left unrepaired it can cause adverse and expensive problems to your home. If you notice that your balcony is leaking, you should call a professional immediately. If left to deteriorate, the decay and rot will slowly spread down and penetrate into surrounding walls. This can cause many problems including:

  • Discolouration of walls and ceilings
  • Ceilings may start to falling apart
  • Electrical issues
  • Efflorescence and white salt which is difficult to remove and just keeps growing
  • Unpleasant odour and appearance
  • Long term structural issues

A leaking balcony may not pose immediate problems, but if left untreated, the resulting damage will be devastating. We can help to prevent the spread of damage across the balcony while helping to improve the integrity of its structure and overall safety.

Talk to the Experts Today

If you have noticed calcification in grout lines, water damage to paint or plaster, cracking of grout and lifting of tiles off the surface, call My Shower today. We can repair your leaking balcony efficiently and affordably. Our specialised balcony leaks detection service will diagnose problems areas accurately and quickly, and provide a cost effective solution to repair the issue. Call us today on 1300 055 088 or contact us online.