Repairing a Shower Leak Without Removing Tiles

Showers can leak for any number of reasons, but it’s important to know that a leaking shower, left for a long period of time, can cause extensive and expensive structural damage to your home. When it comes to fixing leaks in your bathroom, it is important that you seek the help of a qualified waterproofing specialist. At My Shower, we specialise in high quality, affordable shower repairs in Perth, and with our professional shower sealing service, you won’t be inconvenienced by having tiles removed or having to undertake a full shower renovation. Here’s our guide to easy and effective shower repairs.

Why do showers leak?

There are a few possible causes for a leaking shower including:

  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Missing grout
  • Plumbing issues such as cracked pipes or broken seals around pipe connections

Where do showers leak from?

The majority of all water leaks come through the floor of the shower, usually where the floor and wall tiles meet. In some cases, it can leak through the waste.

How long does a leaking shower repair take?

On average a standard size shower takes 3-4 hours to complete. Technicians are continually updated and trained in the latest technology and processes, ensuring that every leaking shower repair is done efficiently and effectively.

How long after the shower repair can I use my shower?

The recommended time after the technician is finished the repair is 12-24 hours.

Do Tiles Need to Be Removed?

No. The sealing system works by removing the existing, concrete based grout, and replacing it with specialised product called epoxy grout. This process is performed without removing or damaging your bathroom tiles or shower fittings.

What is involves in the repair process?

  • Removal of any mouldy or deteriorated sealants, such as silicon, causing the leak.
  • Removal of grout from around the drain/waste section.
  • Removal of grout from other joints including floor-to-wall and wall-to-wall joints.
  • Removal of all waste material and vacuuming of excess dust from the prepared areas.
  • Application of epoxy grout into the prepared joints
  • Application of premium grade flexible sealer around shower screen.
  • Application of premium grade flexible sealer to tap flanges

Is there a DIY option?

Repairing a shower is not something that should be attempted by just anyone. By using a professional rather than attempting to fix the leak yourself you can rest assured that the problem will be resolved properly and permanently. The other important advantage of using a professional service is that it comes with long term warranty for your peace of mind.

Repairing leaking showers and waterproofing the wet areas in a home are of the utmost importance to prevent water damage to a property. At My Shower, we use the highest quality products, the latest technology and upgraded methods, to ensure the best results. If you are in need of a professional shower repair company in Perth then get in touch with us today on 1300 055 088 or request a free, no obligation quote online now.