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How Important is Shower Waterproofing?

Wet areas, such as bathrooms, laundries and balconies are critical areas to protect from moisture damage, and they must be waterproofed correctly to comply with Australian standards. However, in many new home builds and renovations, the important step of shower waterproofing is often not done correctly or worse, completely overlooked. My Shower offers a specialised leak repair and waterproofing service. If you need a shower repair in Perth, our team is here to help. Here we will look at the importance of shower waterproofing as well as the different options available and the tell-tale signs that your shower isn’t waterproof and may be leaking.

Why is Shower Waterproofing Is Needed?

Many people assume that shower tiles are 100% waterproof. However, while ceramic and porcelain tiles are virtually waterproof, the grout in between the tiles is not. Grout is simply a mix of fine sand, cement and other types of adhesives and while it does great job of holding tiles in place, it can readily absorb water through the tiny pores that are present throughout the mixture. Without some sort of waterproof barrier beneath the layer of tiles and grout, water will seep through and can lead to a wide range of dangerous issues that are expensive to repair.

How Do I Tell If My Shower Is Waterproof?

If your house wasn’t built recently or if you have just moved into a house with a recently renovated bathroom, you might be wondering if your shower has sufficient waterproofing underneath the tiles?

If your shower is leaking you may notice:

  • rotting floorboards, skirtings or door frames around the shower
  • tiles that are lifting
  • water damage in floors and ceilings in adjacent rooms
  • the presence of cockroaches and other moisture-loving pests
  • unpleasant odours
  • mould and mildew build-up in the ceiling, walls and/or floor of the bathroom

Before these severe issues occur, there are ways to detect a shower that may have the potential to leak. Signs may include:

  • Visible holes or cracks in the grout between individual tiles
  • Cracking along the border and floor tile joints
  • No silicone along the joints between tile floors and walls
  • Lack of silicone seals around the tapware studs of your shower

If any of these issues can be detected, it is highly likely that your shower is improperly waterproofed and will eventually start leaking if it hasn’t already.

What Are the Different Types of Waterproofing Membranes?

There are several different waterproof membranes that can be applied directly beneath the tile layer to avoid any water penetration into the subfloor. The main types of waterproofing membranes most commonly used today are:

Sheet Membranes – manufactured from different blends of plastic compounds, these are attached directly to the tile backing board. Most sheet membranes are easy to install as you simply peel off the plastic and stick them into position.

Liquid Membranes – essentially a waterproof paint for the shower, these products are applied with a paint roller or brush. Used in DIY renovations and by most builders, tilers and professional waterproofing companies during a new build, most liquid membranes require at least two coats and in most cases up to 8 hours is needed between coats. When properly applied, liquid waterproofing membranes should last at least ten years before needing a resealing.

What Should I Do if My Shower is Not Properly Waterproofed?

If you think your shower is leaking or if you aren’t sure if it is appropriately waterproofed, get in touch with a company that specialises in shower repairs and shower seal. Perth locals should contact the team at My Shower. We are the leaders in fast and cost-effective shower repairs and sealing. We can conduct a shower repair without removing any tiles, and seal your shower to prevent future leaks and potential damage.

For Effective and Affordable Shower Leak Repairs, Perth Relies on My Shower

Call us today on 1300 055 088 or request a free quote online now. Using commercial grade Epoxy grout that is backed by a 25-year guarantee, you can be sure your shower will stand the test of time.  Our friendly team is here to help so contact us today to discuss your leaking shower concerns.