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Things to Consider When Choosing the Grout Colour for Your Shower

When tiling your shower, it is easy to focus on selecting the right tiles and overlooking the grout colour. However, the colour of your grout can impact your tile aesthetic and the overall look of your room. My Shower is the trusted choice for shower leak repairs in Perth, we only use Epoxy grout which offers a permanent solution for your peace of mind. Before you re-grout your shower, here are a few tips to help you choose the right colour.

White Grout with White Tiles

You can choose to pair white tiles with white grout, this will provide a seamless finish where the grout lines will ‘disappear’. Ideal for smaller bathrooms and showers as the uniform appearance will maximise the feeling of light and space. An all-white tile and grout look won not draw much attention and will provide a blank canvas for you to decorate with other fittings and accessories. Ideal for minimalist, modern spaces where the focus should be on other dramatic design features in the room. It is also important to remember that white grout is prone to stains and discolouration and requires frequent upkeep to maintain its appearance.

Contrasting Grout with White Tiles

Using a dark colour with a white tile brings the grout and tile pattern into focus, and can add dimension and create a bold aesthetic. Even with simple white tiles, a dark grout adds contrast and makes the tiles ‘pop’. A great choice for when you want to emphasise the shape of a tile, such as octagonal shapes or for when you want to transform simple tiles into something more eye-catching.

Black or Coloured Tiles

The latest bathroom trends have seen many homeowners opt for black, grey and bolder colour choices to create a bespoke, contemporary look. However, pairing black or coloured tiles with the right grout colour can be difficult and getting it wrong can dramatically affect the final appearance. The general rules from above still tend to apply – a light grout matched with dark tiles will make your tile pattern stand out and add visual interest while a dark grout paired with dark tiles will create a softer and unified look.

Other Useful Tips

  • For something that is in between a matching and contrasting grout colour, opt for a neutral tone that is a few shades off your tile colour.
  • To highlight a colour or accent in your tile, such as grey veins in a marble tile, choose a close match or slightly darker than that shade in your tile.
  • Darker grout is a good idea for showers with high traffic, such as in family bathrooms, as it is less prone to staining.
  • Showers are great places to experiment with grout colour to create a bold statement in the room

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